Structure of Femeraid International
Members Entrance

Femeraid Headquarters



Femeraid Headquarters are officialy located at the Grand Magisterial See of The Federation, in the State of New York, USA. 

The Operational Headquarters are located in Salerno - Italy at Soccorso Amico, Via General Clark.

The success of Femeraid Services has to reside on the specific high standards, qualifications and experiences of its staff, and on its capacity of maintaining, increasing and/or replace the same as time pass by.

Having in mind that Femeraid International has Rescue Teams in several different countries, the standardization of padrons of service, procedures, equipment etc., become a must, and this is the reason why the FEMERAID CRITIC CARE ACADEMY was created, and soon will be active.

This Academy will be based in the Operational Center in Italy, but will organze courses in different countries.

Responsibilities of this Committee shall be to finance, organize and implement two international annual prices, one for Heroic Services and other for outstanding beneficial research in any field related to States of Emergency, and to promote periodically international, national and local events of awareness, where general public as well as international, national and local authorities should be invited to participate.


This Center is responsible for maintaining interconnected with reliable technology the Central Headquarters and all Femeraid Operational Units in real time and in permanent operation basis, in a way that any Fenmeraid Operational Unit engaged on Emergency Intervention may be in contact at any time.

This Center, through its HOT NUMBER is also responsible for receiving all incoming calls and requests of intervention and is located at the Operational Center in Italy.

The Communications Center works 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.