Message from the Prime Minister of the State of Knights (KMFAP) on the Day of Saint John of Jerusalem, 2024

On the 23rd January each year we celebrate the Day of Saint John of Jerusalem, the esteemed Patron Saint of our Sovereign Order, also known as Saint John the Almsgiver, Saint John the Almoner, Saint John the Merciful, who is considered a role model of compassion and resilience. He continues to inspire us with his unwavering commitment to justice and service: he dedicated his life to the selfless cause of helping and assisting those in need, deprived of freedom, dignity and human rights. And this humanitarian endeavour is the main objective and key activity of our Sovereign Order, which was born 976 years ago from a shared vision and collective efforts of our members, and stands as a statement of our dedication and perseverance. 

On this special day, which holds profound significance for us, we also celebrate our Sovereign State. On this occasion, it is my pleasure to extend heartfelt greetings on behalf of the KMFAP Government to all our esteemed Dames, Knights, Damsels and Squires.


I feel deeply privileged to continue earning your trust, confidence and friendship in our relentless mission that extends to the 21st century, championing positive goals, upholding human values and moral principles that we inherited from our historical past through our great predecessors: Peace, Solidarity, Compassion and Empathy, Justice and Fairness, Ethical Behaviour, Responsibility, Tolerance, Respect of Human Dignity, irrespective of differences in race, gender, religion or socio-economic status and Freedom, guiding principles that shape our actions and aspirations. We do our best to eliminate discrimination and injustice, and strive for a society in which every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, has an equal opportunity to succeed. We are also aware of our responsibility to protect our planet Earth in all its aspects, including nature, its resources and wildlife, for the well-being of future generations.


Let this be a collective endeavour, a shared commitment that binds us together in a common purpose. As we continue to work toward these noble goals and ideals, let us stand united in the belief that through our collective efforts we can create a world that embodies the core principles: Peace, Freedom, Humanity, Tolerance, Open-Mindedness, Understanding, Respect and Equality for all.


May the Day of Saint John of Jerusalem serve as a reminder of our shared heritage, our values and the responsibility we bear to each other and our Order and State.


Together, let us continue to honour the legacy of Saint John of Jerusalem and strive to uphold it in our daily lives, which contributes to the prosperity and well-being of our Order and State and its members. Let’s continue to work for a better world and make a difference. 

 H.G. Prof. George Popper 
Prime Minister of KMFAP 
Lieutenant General of the Grand Master 

23 January 2024