Official Declaration of the Magisterial House of KMFAP about Terrorism and War Crimes
The World has seen - astonished and horrified – first in Ukraine now in Israel invasions of sovereign countries by men in arms ( an uniform doesn't make a soldier... ) who committed the cruellest and indiscriminate cold blood slaughter of innocent women, elderly and children, rapes, abduction of children, taking hostages in these two countries. 

Non of these actions can be considered as War, because War is a clash between Armies, terrible yes, brutal yes, but fought respecting in general terms the limits imposed by the international conventions and by the basic principles of Humanity.

For Our Sovereign Order and State the real importance of these events does not reside in defining who is right or wrong, because we are not judges and Time and History will be fair judges...

The whole declaration can be read here: 

16 October 2023