Donations of the KMFAP Priory of North and Centre Slovakia still going on
On the 12th May 2020, Sir Pavol Zachar, Sir Robert Jendrol, Sir Samuel Balaz, Mr. Timotej Jendrol – led by the Prior of North and Centre Slovakia, Sir Ján Gramata – visited the Regional Directorate of the Fire Brigades in Trencin to support the members working in the first line during the COVID-19 pandemic. The donation – containing 600 litres of disinfectant, masks and protective shields – was presented to Col. Igor Senitka, Lieutenant Milan Dudak and the members of the fire brigade.

The following day an additional donation of 600 litres disinfectant and protective shields was delivered to the Fire Brigades in Dubnica upon Vah by Sir Ján Gramata, Sir Pavol Zachar, Sir Robert Christov, and Sir Yonghai Yan.

On the 14th May, in the village of Domaniža, our Knights: Sir Pavol Zachar, Sir Samuel Balaz, Sir Jozef Juriš, Sir Peter Gocoliak, Sir Mustafa Kösetürk, Sir Robert Jendrol – headed by Sir Ján Gramata – and also further donators: Timotej Jendrol, Šimon Zaťko, M. Uriková, Z. Zaťková handed over disinfectants and financial aid in the amount of 800 EUR for the Fire Brigade in Domaniža, so that they can purchase the necessary firefighting equipment.

The brothers of the North and Centre Slovakian Priory concentrate their donation not only in the form of protective aids and other means. In today's difficult situation, we feel the responsibility to help where we can. We are aware that especially the staff of public offices, who are fully dedicated to their work, are very often facing the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These staff often do not have the time and perhaps not even the thought to eat. Staff working in health and social services as well as staff working in employment, social and family affaires offices have been very busy for a long time have been working under a considerable pressure. During these weeks, they have daily administered hundreds, sometimes even thousands of applications from companies requesting the financial assistance to prevent collective redundancies and many times their working hours were prolonged disproportionately. Sir Nguyen Tuan Ngoc, owner of a restaurant, decided to donate 100 portions of food to the staff of the office in Trenčín and 80 portions to the nurses at the Trenčín University Hospital.

The humanitarian actions of the Slovak knights further continued at the Faculty Hospital of Nové Zámky (Slovakia). Sir Jan Gramata, assisted by the Knights of Malta Sir Mustafa Küsetürk and Sir Samuel Baláž, donated a gift to the hospital staff, who are daily exposed to potential infection of COVID-19 positive people. The most needed articles are still the disinfectant and the professional respirator equipment (as you can see on the photo). Personal presence of the Director of the hospital, Dr. Daniel Zingor, PhD., has declared the importance of the donation and its immediate use in sample collection during the testing of coronavirus.

19th May 2020