Season’s Greetings from the Grand Master of Knights of Malta (KMFAP)
Dear Knights and Dames of our Sovereign Order and State, 

All the different Religions are roads that lead the Mankind to God, but, in spite of the differences between religions, God is only one and the same for all, even when called by different names, and this is the reason why it is not understandable, nor acceptable that men kill each other in the name of a God that is the same God for all. In fact even some of the religious concepts and festivities have surpassed their religion of origin and nowadays they are celebrated all over the World regardless of the religion of those who celebrate them, as it is the case of the Father’s Day, the Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas – which become the Festivity of the Family, and also the New Year of the Gregorian Calendar, promulgated by the Pope Gregory XIII (1502-1585) on the 24th February 1582 by his Papal Bull “Inter Gravissimas“ which is now used by the vast majority of the States as their Official Calendar.

This is the reason why in this Season of Love and Hope, Love of the Family and Hope for a good and positive year to come, in my personal name and of my family, but also on behalf of the Government and the Institutions of our State and of all the Structures of our Sovereign Order, I come to express to all our Knights and Dames, regardless of their religious beliefs, my most felt and warm Greetings.

We expect that the spirit of Christmas will fill our hearts with Love and Forgiveness for those in our families who have hurt us. We expect that all the members of our families, even those who are far, may feel together and united in this period.
We expect that the New Year of 2019 will bring us Peace, Tolerance, Happiness and Prosperity.
However, we must not forget that the spirit of Christmas alone cannot bring us Love if we don’t have Love already in our hearts and if we are not willing to share it with the others, as well as the New Year alone cannot bring us Peace, Happiness, Prosperity or Tolerance if we do not work hard for it.

Therefore, in this season of Love and of Hope I sincerely wish to all Good Health and Courage to fight to make our families, of our lives and of our Word better, more tolerant and Happier. I also wish that you don’t forget those ill or in need in this season and in the year to come.

May you have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in 2019!

His Eminent Highness Jose, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State