Report on the humanitarian work of Lady Martina Luknárova and Sir Jozef Luknár, Slovakian members of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP)

Whom we are proud of...

Lady Martina Luknárová and Sir Jozef Luknár, members of the Slovakian Grand Priory of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) regularly carry out humanitarian activities through the Leonardo Foundation – established by them. Lady Martina and Sir Jozef frequently support the Mountaineers’ Community in Bratislava, collaborate with ABC Food Machinery – Ing. Juraj Švingal, are constantly carrying out food collection, and assist the kindergarten in Mukačev street in Prešov together with the ex-mayor of the city, JUDr. Pavol Hagyari.

Lady Martina as an architect, along with her other associates, is doing a significant job of restoring Slovakian monumental wooden churches. Her greatest work is related to the renovation of the Church of the Capucines in Bratislava.

Lady Martina and Sir Jozef provide regular support to the Exceptionally Gifted Children and Grammar School, in Teplicky Street in Bratislava. Furthermore, Ing. Milada Dobrotková MPH, Director of the HESTIA non-profit institution specializing in elderly care also mentions Lady Martina and Sir Jozef as their only returning benefactors. 

On the 16th November 2017 Sir Alexander Czellárik, the Slovakian Grand Prior of KMFAP and Lady Mária Czellárikova, Grand Cross Dame of Malta were very impressed with the visit in the latter two institutions – accompanying Lady Martina and Sir Jozef.

At the school, Ph.D. Jolana Laznibatová CSc., director welcomed the representatives of the Slovakian Grand Priory of KMFAP. It was heartening to hear the recognizing words about the sacrificial work of Lady Martina and Sir Jozef, who also launched a new initiative this year: in several busy places in Bratislava, collecting boxes have been placed in order to provide Christmas support for the school. This school has a national reputation in Slovakia with foreign relations: it cooperates in the long term with the Mensa Grammar School Prague /Czech Republic/ and the Sir Karl Popper Schule Vienna /Austria/ institutes. Lady Martina and Sir Jozef plan to organize a charity concert in Bratislava in the near future for the benefit of the school.

The director of HESTIA non-profit institution reported on Lady Martina's and Sir Jozef's multi-faceted activities (aids, purchase of beds for immobile patients) and about how our knights resolved the task that seemed unsolvable: cleaning the trees around the facility. We are delighted that our two knights meet the voluntary formal requirements of the institution: 40 hours skilled volunteer work.

Sir Alexander Czellárik praised with appreciation Lady Martina Luknárova and Sir Jozef Luknár for their devoted work in the two institutions.

Dear Lady Martina and Sir Jozef,

we express our sincere appreciation in the name of the leaders and members of KMFAP for this multifaceted, selfless and highly effective humanitarian work that we are happy to hear and highly value. We are proud of you to dedicate time, energy and financial resources to the most important activity of KMFAP: charitable work and helping people, and for which we are grateful to you!

22nd December 2017