Season's Greetings from the Grand Master and Head of the State
Magisterial House

To All the Knights, Dames, Squires and Damsels of Our Sovereign Order and State,

Some time ago, during Our regular research, We found, in an old document, the Coats of Arms of the Three Wise Men, who, in accordance with the tradition and with Matthew's Gospel, have visited Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

The fact that the Three Wise Men were made Kings, with even their own Heraldic Crests, shows clearly how important the Symbolism for the Mankind is, and the present season of Christmas and of the New Year is a season full of Symbolism:

Presently, Christmas is much more than a celebration of the Christian community, it is worldwide the Festivity of the Family for the people of many different religions and even for the non-believers.

For the majority, Christmas represents a season of Family Love, Peace, Happiness, Forgiveness and of Abundance, while the New Year represents the Hope for an even better and happier Life to start in the day 1 of the coming year.

However it is precisely in this period, so full of Peace, that we forget those who live in the middle of merciless wars and brutal violence, so full of Family Love that we forget those who are alone, and in the company of our children we forget the Orphans, a period so full of Hope that we forget those who have no more Hope in Life, so full of Abundance that, by the tables covered with rich food and wines and among gifts and presents, we forget those who are dying of starvation and who live in misery…

Far more serious than all of this is that we forget the example of Tolerance given to the World by the Three Wise Men, coming from very far away lands, followers of different religions, important enough, politically to be received by King Herod and rich enough to travel for a long period from distant countries, who come to Bethlehem only visit a new born baby, a baby from another religion, born in poverty and to bring to him the precious gifts and tokens of Respect that poor people can not afford to have.

In fact Tolerance has many names: Religious Tolerance, Political Tolerance, Sexual Tolerance, Social Tolerance, Racial Tolerance, etc.., but at the end it is all about Respect. Respect for the other persons, for their differences, for their choices and for their conditions in life.

If the Three Wise Men were not Kings, for their example of Tolerance, they behaved like Kings should behave, therefore, dear Knights and Dames, dear Squires and Damsels, in this season we all must follow their example and behave as the Nobel Knights of St. John that we are, not forgetting all of those who need us.

In this Merry and Happy Season We wish you the most precious of the gifts: Tolerance; because tolerance will bring to you Understanding and Respect; Tolerance will bring to you Union, Love and Solidarity, and will bring Happiness.

His Most Eminent Highness Jose, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State