The Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Hungary thanks to FEMERAID International – the humanitarian organisation of Knights of Malta (KMFAP) – for the aid in times of flood
In spring this year disastrous floods hit Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Bosnian Government asked for and received international aid to help the victims of the disaster and to restore damages. In addition to the significant aid given by the foreign countries’ governments many humanitarian organisations sent aid teams to the site at once. Among them were the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, the Ecumenical Aid Organisation and the FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit.

H.E. Zeljko Janjetovic, Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Hungary received the representatives of the three organisations on the 27th October 2014, and on behalf of his government he handed over to them the Embassy’s letters of thanks for their priceless and efficient humanitarian activities and for the disaster relief work that was done during the floods and while restoring the damages.

The FEMERAID International – Budapest Unit (ÖPVE) was represented by Sir Kristóf Bakai, who took the Letter of Thanks issued by the Embassy, and he gave a detailed description about the conducted work of his team, which was carried out together with the FEMERAID International – Slovakia Unit, as their first joint operation.

The Ambassador expressed his thanks to the assistance of his country also for the present members of the delegation of FEMERAID International, the international humanitarian organisation of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP): H.G. Prof. George Popper, Sir István Bánó, Sir Sándor Pribil, Mr. László Szádvári, and Ms. Krisztina Chlumetzky.

The Ambassador conferred his recognition to the Diplomatic Magazine editorial staff for the help and support they provided the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina at the time of the floods.

15th November 2014