Special exhibition of Sir Julio Quaresma, Grand Cross Knight of KMFAP (Knights of Malta) in Spain

In the framework of the exhibition-series of “Archeologies Comestibles” in Valencia, Spain, in IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern), the remarkable exhibition of Sir Julio Quaresma – the world-renowned architect-artist, Grand Cross Knight of Malta (KMFAP) was opened on the 31st October 2014.

This exhibition also demonstrates Sir Julio's special talent, creativity and very original way of seeing, which presents the relationship between food material and art with a sense of humour and irony through special compositions, forms and contents of still-lifes.

As a painter of still-lifes Sir Julio Quaresma has said, “I select the objects that I portray primarily for their shapes, textures and colours, and also for their symbolism. Essentially I paint objects from the plant world, generally combined with rather uncommon things – masks from various cultures – which are full of power and intensity, thus creating a new history in the composition.”

The exhibition is open between 31st October 2014 - 8th February 2015.


11th November 2014