Ceremony of the International Order of Saint George, The Martyr in Warsaw with the participation of Knights of Malta (KMFAP)

Charles Robert (Caroberto, 1288-1342), King of Hungary from the House of Anjou-Naples founded the first secular order of the era on the 26th April 1326 in Visegrád.

The successor organisation of the Order in Poland (Łódź) held its 9th Ceremony of Investiture on the 7th June 2014, for the first time in the capital city of Warsaw, in the Cathedral of the Polish Army (Długa street 13/15). Dames and Knights in large numbers gathered in the beautiful church, arriving from across the territory of Poland and from many countries. 

Prior to the ceremony, the Holy Mass was celebrated by the Spiritual Protector of the Order, HE Ph.D. Władysław Ziółek, Archbishop Senior, con-celebrated by Monsignor Eugene Harkness – Pastor of the Military Parish in Łódź and Ph.D. Lieutenant Colonel Mariusz Śliwiński.

The sublimity of the ceremony was raised by songs, performed by the Central Choir of the Polish Army and assistance was given to Holy Mass by soldiers of the Representative Company of the Polish Army. HE Władysław Ziółek recalled in the sermon the visit of Saint John Paul II in the Cathedral on the 9th June 1991 and the canonization ceremony of our Saint Fellow–countryman. The Knights and Dames, present at the Holy Mass, were given words of support and encouragement for doing good.

HE Hon. Ltg. Chev. Tadeusz Kaczor – Grand Master of The Order of Saint George, the Martyr knighted 16 postulants from different regions of Poland, who took an oath of fidelity and obedience to the Grand Master, and then the newly inaugurated knights and dames accepted from the hands of the Grand Prior of Poland, Ph.D. Paweł Michalak the insignia of the Order – the mantle and cross of Saint George.

The delegation of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) – led by HG Prof. George Popper, Lieutenant General – was present at this ceremony as honorary guest. In his welcome speech Prof. Popper mentioned that in May 2014, on the occasion of the Knighthood ceremony of KMFAP – organised in Slovakia – the two orders signed a friendship and cooperation agreement with the priority areas of humanitarian action and education. During the May ceremony of the Knights of Malta HE Hon. Ltg. Chev. Tadeusz Kaczor – Grand Master received the Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, and at the same time he handed over the Grand Cross medal of The Order of Saint George, the Martyr to the Grand Master of KMFAP, HMEH Prince José.

The ceremony, according to the traditions, was closed by honouring the most meritorious Knights and other people, who support the activities of the Order, with Crosses of Saint George and Stars of Saint George. In this context, HG Prof. George Popper was awarded with the Gold Star of Saint George. Then HG Prof. George Popper with the assistance of Sir Alexander Czellárik – Grand Officer of Knights of Malta, Slovakian Grand Prior of KMFAP handed over the Knight Grand Officer award of Knights of Malta to HE. Kenneth Martin. (Prof. Kenneth Martin, who was for decades rector of the prestigious Cambridge CATS College, is Vice-Rector of the Pro Deo State University.) 

Members of the KMFAP Hungarian delegation were: Lady Anna Popper, Knight George Farkas – knight of Saint George, Dame Mirmy Farkas and Lady Mária Sebestyén, Dame Commander of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus and member of the International Order of Saint George, who was advanced of the grade Grand Cross Dame in recognition of her merits during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Lady Mária and HG Prof. George Popper solemnly handed over the sacred Hungarian flag to the Grand Master of The Order of Saint George, the Martyr and took over the sacred Polish flag for the Hungarian Grand Priory of Knights of Malta (KMFAP). .

The Official Banquet following the initiation took place in the assembly hall of the Polish Army with the attendance of knights and dames, guests, contributors, as well as with the presence of several state and church leaders. .


 30th July 2014