OBITUARY - Sir József Pintér, Minister of Science and Technical Innovation of KMFAP, passed away

(1945 - 2014)

Dear Dames and Knights,

with sincere grief the Magisterial House of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta (KMFAP) announces the sudden and unexpected death of our dear brother and Minister of Science and Technical Innovation, Dr. Sir József Pintér (Hungary), on the 21st April 2014, at the age of 69.

During all his life Sir József gave an important contribution at national and international levels for the progress of Sciences and for the technical innovation.

For his outstanding work and dedication to the progress of Mankind, Sir József Pintér was appointed as Minister of the Government of the State of the Federation, and now, with his sudden loss, both Our Sovereign Order and Our State remain poorer.

The Grand Master and Head of the State of the Federation ( KMFAP ) in His name and in the name of His family, as well as on behalf of all the Knights and Dames, presents to the dear family of this remarkable Knight and Gentleman, Sir József Pintér, His most sincerely felt condolences.

Requiescat in Pace!


His Eminent Highness Jose, Prince
Grand Master and Head of the State

22nd April 2014