XX. Charity Concert in Šaľa – Slovakia with the support of Knights of Malta – KMFAP

On the 1st February 2014 those people, who travelled to Šaľa (Vágsellye / Slovakia) despite the harsh winter – in order to participate in the jubilee charity concert of Pro Vita Civic Association – had an extraordinary experience.

The traditional charitable music event was organised the twentieth time now by Pro Vita, starring Lady Lívia Ágh – the world famous soloist of the Prague Opera and with the assistance of her talented students, in the Municipal Culture House.

Founding President of the Pro Vita Civic Association is Lady Maria Czelláriková, members are: Dipl. Ing. Juraj Alexovič, Dipl. Ing. Ladislav Gáll, Mr. Ladislav Szabó, and Dipl. Ing. Helena Psotová.

Under the activity – recorded in the organisation's articles of incorporation – the Pro Vita organises every year its traditional charity concert, the proceeds of which are turned to help the poor, the downtrodden, and people with multiple disabilities.

The organisation supports any initiative that serves the physical and mental benefits of the above listed groups of their fellow men.

Therefore each year a part of the charity concert's proceeds are priority donated to the children and adult residents of the Štrkovec-Kövecses Social Institution.

The Slovak Grand Priory of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories (KMFAP) was the main sponsor of the XX. Jubilee Concert. At the event, in addition to the large number of Slovakian guests, Hungarian visitors were also present: H.G. Prof. George Popper – Lieutenant General, Deputy of the Grand Master of Knights of Malta (KMFAP) and numerous Hungarian and Slovakian knights and dames of the Order, as well as Sir Dr. Csaba Király – Grand Master of Ordo Hungariae (OH), Knight Pál Tián – Hungarian Grand Prior of OH, and several Hungarian and Slovak members. Thanks to the generosity of donors a significant amount, 6.300 Euro was gathered this year.

Over the past 20 years the Pro Vita Civic Association provided substantial financial assistance to social institutions, patients, families and children in need from the total prize fund amounting to 100,000 Euros collected during this time.

  • From this source the residents – with multiple disabilities – of the Opatovský Sokolec Social Institution /Slovakia/ could be supported.
  • The violin purchase of a disadvantaged young person living in Vágsellye, having musical talent was supported – inter alia.
  • Annually – assessing the emergency order – they provided support to more damaged children for their “whale swimming” therapeutic treatment in Sochi, Russia.
  • Contributed to the purchase of a cardiac heart monitor for the Hospital of Vágsellye.
  • Took a hand in ensuring the financial management of medication for an adolescent boy, who is suffering from a severe degenerative neurological disease.
  • Bought an upper respiratory phlegm suction device for the Štrkovec-Kövecses patients, which is life-saving if needed. In addition, they contributed financially to the installation of non-stop phones of the social institution.
  • In 2012, the costs of a five-day trip to Paris were covered for an orphan (in the company of two attendants and a nurse) – living in the social institute in Vágsellye, and is a completely disabled young patient – in order to visit the predecessors restaurant in Paris, and get to know the sights of the city.
  • Continuously subsidized the food for the children of needy families.
  • Repeatedly delivered Christmas meals to the homeless.
  • One-time 500 Euro grant was provided to the Homeless Hostel of Vágsellye, and the “miniBodka” non-profit organisation in Vágsellye, which provides temporary accommodation, catering and vacation for 6 constantly reared orphaned children and at intervals for children of homeless arriving from all over Slovakia.

Lady Maria Czelláriková – President of Pro Vita Civic Association, her husband Sir Alexander Czellárik – Slovakian Grand Prior of KMFAP and Dame Szilvia Horváth support regularly with clothes, long-lasting food, fruits, (during its season with several hundred kilograms of melon) and detergents the operation and activities of “miniBodka” – under the excellent control of Mr. Daniel.



The next day of the charity concert – as every time in the last 20 years – Lady Lívia Ágh and her fellow artists, together with the members of Pro Vita Civic Association organised a private concert for the residents of the Štrkovec -Kövecses Social Institute – who participated in the Vágsellye concert, too and with the help of their tutors presented the story of their “not ordinary life”. With this show the most touching, but optimism radiating part of the concert was enchanted by them to the stage of the overcrowded community centre.

An extremely beautiful example of the intellectual and moral support provided by Lady Maria and Sir Alexander Czellárik – in addition to the significant financial support – is that they are godparents of Dominik Horváth, who is the fourteen years old resident of the institution operated by “miniBodka”, and is one of the six Horváth brothers.

In February 2014 after the Štrkovec-Kövecses private concert Lady Maria and Sir Alexander participated in the opening ceremony of the children's library and its adult tea room, which was set up by the “miniBodka” non-profit institution, working for 10 years.

During this ceremony they handed over their personal financial support for Mgr. Milan Daniel, director of “miniBodka”. During the charity evening H.G. Prof. George Popper announced that as an appreciation and recognition of the 20 years humanitarian work of Lady Maria Czelláriková and Lady Lívia Ágh, they will be promoted and receive advancement of grade from the Grand Master of Knights of Malta (KMFAP) at the next inauguration ceremony.

Sir Dr. Csaba Király, Grand Master of Ordo Hungariae awarded the leaders of Pro Vita Civic Association, and furthermore he handed over a donation letter in which he offered to provide high education free of charge at the Sándor Wekerle Business School in Budapest, for one young person, selected by the President of the Foundation.

Dear Lady Maria and Lady Lívia, our dear Knights and Dames,

congratulations to the great humanitarian initiative, which has worked very successfully over the 20 years as intended by the founders.

We wish that Pro Vita Civic Association continues to have such a successful and steady dedication to support people in need!

We heartily congratulate to Lady Lívia Ágh and her students for the high quality program and the generous support, as well as to Lady Maria Czellárik and her enthusiastic staff for their sacrificial and devoted work and great organising!

Furthermore we express our gratitude for the generous hospitality, which was provided to their Hungarian fellow knights this time, too.

10th February 2014