Federation of the Autonomous Priories - Knights of Malta Seasons Greetings

Dear Knights, Dames, Squires, Damsels and Friends of our Sovereign Order and State,

On behalf of the Structures of our Sovereign Order, of the Government of our State and its institutions, and also in my personal name and in the name of my family I would like to express our most sincere wishes of a Merry Christmas and of a prosperous New Year, for you and your families.

Besides being a religious Christian festivity, and independently of the religion of each individual, this Season is also a festivity dedicated to the Family, to Peace and Love, while the New Year is a period of Hope in a better and more prosperous future.  Therefore we wish that you and your beloved ones may have Peace, Love, Hope and Prosperity not only in this Season, but also during the year to come, however, as Knights and Dames of St. John, we must never forget that more rewarding than "to have" is "to share".   Quoting Albert Pine ( English author d. 1851 ) : " What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the World, remains and is immortal ".

In this occasion we also would like to express our gratitude to all of those who helped our Sovereign Order and the Government of our State during 2010 to carry out so many relevant actions and activities, in very different countries and continents, in favour of those who are ill or in need, and to enlarge the number of our Embassies and the growth of ours institutions. This, besides expressing our hope and wish that next year we, together, will be able to continue enlarging our Humanitarian and Assisting work, since they are the real and only reason of our existence.

Season's greetings to all

Yours in St. John

His Most Eminent Highness the Prince Grand Master and Head of the State