The Magisterial House informs that, considering the problems regarding Security and Coordination of the international rescue and medical teams present in Haiti,  the Government of the State of the Federation has decided not to send any of the Femeraid Rescue and Medical Teams, for the moment, to the place of the Catastrophe.

However, the Government of the Federation, through its Femeraid International, is taking the necessary steps to send, as soon as possible, to Haiti, a large amount of Medicines to be distributed and administered to the people in need by the proper channels and entities in the country.

Furthermore the Magisterial House informs that the Grand Master and Head of the State, has instructed His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federation to contact the Haitian Authorities not only to express the sincere Condolences for the deceased, but also to express the availability of our State to help and assist the future development and reorganization of Haiti and of its people, in accordance with the efforts and plans to be defined both by the international community and by the Government of the Haiti, in full respect for the Sovereignty of this unfortunate country.

Magisterial House, on the 15th of January of the year of our Lord of 2010