Message of 2009
Dear  Dames and Knights!
Honourable members of our partner organisations! Dear Friends!

As the end of the year 2009 is approaching we review all the events of this year, ways of our associations that have been made, our results and current situations in order to designate the tasks for the next year.

2009 was the year of the global economic crisis, from which not a single corner of the world did escape, and unfortunately – it seems – is not over yet. The political diversification, the feeling of uncertainty – exaggerated by election campaigns – further worsened the already difficult situation in many countries of the world.

Unemployment is increasing, the poor have become poorer, the middle class is slowly eating up its reserves and slipping down, meanwhile corruption reaches larger and larger dimensions around the world.

There is hardly a country in the world that can say about itself to provide adequate social safety and benefits to its inhabitants.

The misery, despair, hopelessness drift many into the camp of occasional criminals. And the decision-makers and influential, powerful people do not take the fact that corruption and social insecurity greatly favours the well-organised circles of professional criminals. The policy affected police, prosecutors, and courts can be easily exploited worldwide by them.

All these – in global as well as in local scales – contribute to the increase of crime, which entails more and more tasks and responsibilities not only to the professional law enforcement organisations, but also to the civil security sector in all its fields. However due to the economic crisis for these important tasks less and less financial means are to ensure.

In this exceptional situation there is only one good solution: the widest possible collaboration and cooperation of professional law enforcement organisations and civil security associations and businesses. Moreover, we have to endeavour more increasingly to prepare and involve also the public in crime prevention work.

This imposes special tasks on IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association), IPA (International Police Association), IAPA (International Auxiliary Police Association) international organisations, the National Guard, the law enforcement and security organisations and foundations, which have been set up against crime, terrorism and drug trafficking. Since the situation is extremely serious and rightly desperate, and the outstanding task is enormous, hereby I call on the members of the „Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories”, the „Sovereign Order of Cyprus”, the Ordo Hungariae, the International Order of Saint George, the Order of St. Lazarus, and members of other associated orders to promote and support – by all possible means – this law enforcement activity. And as You have done it before, please never forget to help people in need, since we all see the negative consequences of the situation in the world: the growing homelessness, hunger, deprivation and the increasing number of adult and children victims of diseases.

We, the leaders of serious civil and professional organisations, are responsible for ensuring planned, organised and very effective work of all associations governed by us. These federations should also operate and continue with their activities in the closest possible cooperation. They should strain after assisting each other in order to achieve common objectives with coordinating their knowledges, skills, work as much as possible.

We all know well that in the 21st Century only the good teamwork and cooperation may bring results. I am proud of the excellent team, who have been helping for many years in the construction work and developement of the „Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories”, the „Sovereign Order of Cyprus”, and the IBSSA. All results and successes have been achieved together in our common work. Thank you very much for your effective and conscientious work! I do count on You all in the future, as in the current situation there is a great need for your selfless assistance! I am confident that more and more new and active people will join our associations, because it can be seen well that our tasks are multiplying!

I am convinced that the „Partnership” program takes the desired result!

In the spirit of all these thoughts I wish everybody Blessed Christmas and Merry Hanukkah celebration! I do wish that the year 2010 is even more successful for our organisations and members! Be our strength, our health and determination to work as it is expected by our humanistic value system!

Very happy and a successful, prosperous New Year!

Sir George Popper
Lieutenant General of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Federation of the Autonomous Priories,
President of the IBSSA