It is with deep sorrow that The Magisterial House announces the decease in the United Kingdom of ou beloved brother and friend Major General Sir János Karászy-Kulin KGCM.,  MVO, GCStG, GCLJ,  HonLLD,  HonHLD.

His Excellency Major General Sir  János Karászy-Kulin besides being a high ranking Knight of Our Sovereign Order was also the Grand Master of The International Knightly Order of St George, an Order that over the centuries has been in the hands of Kings of Hungary, Holy Roman Emperors, Cardinals and a Pope. If in our times this Order is flourishing is mainly due to the indomitable personality and skilled leadership of General Sir Janos.

Sir János Karászy-Kulin, born in Nyírgelse - HUNGARY, on the 22 of April 1929,  was a retired Major General of The Hungarian Air Force, and he was also a patriot and hero of the Hungarian people, decorated for his brave acts and publicly remembered for his courage during the 1956 uprising against the Communist regime.  Gen. Sir János was highly respected among his compatriots and also at international level, for his ongoing compassion for the needy.

Our Sovereign Order and our State were profoundly honoured  for having had as its Knight a man of such high moral principles and human value as His Excellency Major General Sir  János Karászy-Kulin.

His departure impoverishes us all.

His Most Eminent Highness, Prince José, as Grand Master, on behalf of all Knights and Dames of the Federation, expresses His most sincere and deeply felt condolences to the widow, Our sister and Dame Lady Iris and to all Knights and Dames of the International Knightly Order  of St. George.

Requiescat in Pace.

Magisterial House on the 20th day of October of the year of Our Lord 2008