General Information for candidates - Admission Procedures


Admission Procedures

Qualifications and exclusions for membership

Acceptance or denial of membership is based on the assessment of the human values and quality of character of the applicant, and without any distinction or discrimination based on religious beliefs, social classes, races, political tendencies, physical disabilities or sexual private personal orientation.

After being reviewed and considered by the Board of Admissions only those Applicants who meet the necessary requirements may be accepted.

The following guidelines could be regarded as sufficient initial and secure qualifications for membership:

  • To have at least, twenty years of age, unless extremely and exceptional circumstances may permit younger individuals.

  • To be stable persons holding a dignified and steady employment.

  • To be owners or partners of business which are morally, socially and politically well considered.

  • To be practitioners of any liberal or learned profession or members of the Armed Forces.

  • To be retired persons or Veterans of Military Campaigns.

  • To be persons considered socially and professionally as capable, just, honest, compassionate and courageous.

  • To be religious individuals and practitioners of their faith, or to show deep respect for the religious options of each person, and to be involved in humanitarian activities. 

  • Although is not a requirement, candidates preferably shall be a part of the intellectual, artistic, economic, political life of their countries.

The following circumstances are impediments for attaining membership:

  • To have delinquent or criminal records.

  • To exercise professions or life styles that could be viewed as dishonorable by social, legal, political or moral standards.

Request for Admission

All applicants must be introduced, presented and proposed by an active Knight or Dame of The Federation and the applicants shall fill and present an Application for Admission, together with the supporting documentation to the Board of Admissions.

All Dossiers of Application for Membership must contain the following documentation:

  • Application for Membership

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Any additional documentation or information requested by the Board in exceptional circumstances. (Under exceptional circumstances the Board of Admissions may request from the Applicant any further additional documentation or information.)

  • Two colour pictures (Carnet size) (If transmitted electronically please use .TIF or .JPG Files).       

After the celebration of each meeting of the Board of Admissions, the President of the Board transmits to the Grand Magisterial Office the reviewed Dossiers, together with the respective motions or adopted resolutions to be submitted to the approval of His Most Eminent Highness the Grand Master ( or Regent ).

After reviewing the deliberations and decisions of the Board of Admissions, HMEH The Grand Master ( or  Regent ) grants by Motu Proprio or denies membership to every particular applicant.

The Grand Magisterial Office forwards to the Board of Admissions the above mentioned Motu Proprios, the list of candidacies denied and the corresponding Dossiers for the proper procedural follow-up.

The President of the Board of Admissions, after receiving from the Grand Magisterial Office the Motu Proprios of acceptance of candidates, the list of candidacies denied, and the corresponding Dossiers, notifies by express mail with accuse of receipt each applicant  of the adopted resolution, and of the follow-up procedure for the appropriate completion, enter in each Dossier the dates of completion of said procedures and maintain them organized for safe keeping in its Archives.