General Information for candidates - Economic commitment


As a principle all the candidates to knighthood must be presented and introduced by a Knight or a Dame of our Sovereign Order.

The application form duly signed must be sent with 2 photos ( Passport type ) to the Admission Board.

After being reviewed and considered by the Board of Admissions only those Applicants, who meet the necessary requirements, may be accepted.

The Federation receives into its ranks and rewards with the high status of Knighthood those individuals following the vocational call to serve mankind, and that seeking to contribute to its historical humanitarian work.

A candidate, accepted for membership, must pay the Administrative Costs of Admission to cover the expenses of all the process including the Ceremony, accommodation and official banquets.

After doing so the candidate will receive his/her credentials as Postulant for Knighthood. At the conclusion of the Postulation period, the Postulant will be invited to attend to the assigned Official Ceremony of the Federation during which he/she will receive the Investiture as Knight/Dame.

In addition, all members of the Federation must contribute each calendar year with the Annual Membership Dues of - minimum of 250 Zecchini Fed. (equivalent to 250 Euros) payable during the month of January of each year.

Knights or Dames serving in any official capacity as Governmental Officers of the Federation, are considered exempt from payment of Annual Membership Dues during their serving time.

Any member of the Federation who for whatever reason chooses not to honour his/her Annual Membership Dues is considered as an Inactive Member and placed in the roster of Inactive Knights and Dames thirty (30) days after the payment is due.

Any Inactive Knight or Dame wishing to be reinstated to the roster of Active Knights and Dames, shall be required to pay the corresponding Membership Annual Dues accrued during the period of his/her inactive status and/or any other indebtedness to the Federation previously incurred and not satisfied by said Knight or Dame. Said Knight or Dame will be reinstated to the roster of Active Knights and Dames on the date of reception of his regulating payment, and that date will be considered his/her seniority date.